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Protection of immovable property (buildings and land) as well as movable property (stationary and mobile) is an essential part of all business and public administration activities.

The degree of various risks increases with the size of every such entity. Failure to address such risks may have a catastrophic impact on its results, therefore affecting its reputation with its business partners or the public.

You can have a separate supplier for each of these activities with numerous contracts, or you can use the services of a single partner with a clearly defined staffing structure with assigned tasks and responsibilities.

Our security services include:

Physical protection of property

Protection of individual buildings or entire complexes (industrial, office), staffing for employee and freight gatehouses (inspection and keeping track of vehicles and persons)

  • Key management, switchboard and fire reporting station management
  • CCTV systems
  • Individual installation of fire alarms and other systems
  • Reception services
  • Attendance system
  • Boiler operation


Audit (consulting)

  • Security risk audit
  • Fire prevention and occupational health audit

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