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Waste management

One of the basic tasks of operational property management is waste management.

Sorting of consumables in special containers is a proof of the rationality and responsibility of every company.

Our waste management service ensures uninterrupted operations and relieves your staff from having to focus on activities such as delivery of bins and containers, sorting of waste, emptying of baskets, transport of waste to a waste disposal site, transport of waste within the building or press operation. In addition, we check the quality of waste sorting, and, where necessary, we correctly sort unsorted waste or incorrectly sorted waste.

We offer cost savings to companies whose waste is recyclable. In order to protect the environment, we offer the purchase of secondary raw materials.

We take care of the waste management services

We empty collection containers containing the following materials: dry mixed waste, cardboard, foil, kitchen waste, and wooden pallets. The containers are constantly emptied and replaced with empty ones to ensure an uninterrupted course of work.

We care for the interests of our customers and lease containers to corporations as well as individuals. We own containers for all types of waste: municipal, industrial and mixed. We own containers of various capacities ranging from 350 to 1,100 L. We tailor our offer to the individual customer requirements as well as the type and hazardous nature of the waste. Our containers meet safety and aesthetic parameters.