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Cleaning service

The high quality of our work is guaranteed by the state-of-the-art and extensive technical and mechanical equipment.

We offer regular cleaning, general or special technological cleaning, dusting of building structures and production technologies. We will take care of carpet cleaning, floor treatment, application of waxes.

We specialize in industrial floor cleaning, cleaning of production machines and lines, and whole operations.Cleaning of windows, blinds, glazed areas, facades, work at heights, etc. is a matter of course. Ranging from one office, through separate operations to the entire factory. From buildings to entire industrial units.

Thanks to our established processes and years of experience, you can delegate work on cleaning and facility management, which will allow you to concentrate on your main business activities.

For your company we provide comprehensive cleaning work on a professional level.

Based on your individual requirements, we provide regular and one-off cleaning work.

Cleaning service includes:

  • regular cleaning of objects
  • general cleaning
  • special cleaning
  • industrial floor cleaning
  • carpet cleaning
  • treatment of floor surfaces
  • wax impregnation
  • window cleaning and cleaning of glass areas
  • cleaning blinds
  • washing facades
  • cleaning of production machines and lines
  • deratization, disinfection, disinsection

Cleaning of the following areas

  • Administrative
  • Production
  • Halls and warehouses
  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • and other areas based on the requirements

The cleaning work is carried out using the most modern cleaning and maintenance techniques and devices. Our employees are carefully scrutinized and controlled. Required activities are carried out uniformly with the equipment that meets the necessary safety and cleaning regulations.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive cleaning and cleaning of offices, supermarkets, cleaning of hotels, production areas, halls, warehouses and other commercial premises.