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Pest control

We provide comprehensive services in sanitation of buildings and surrounding areas, including prevention.

In CEJS, we provide professional services in the control of various types of parasites and pest. We provide a system that eliminates the problem effectively and safely. Our staff uses special equipment and chemicals with the appropriate certifications. Our trained experts provide the services with the required competences and prudence.

Our services include derationazion resulting in the elimination and removal of rodents, disinsectisation aimed at eliminating insects and arthropods, and disinfection that leads to the permanent elimination of various microorganisms. An important element of our comprehensive services in this area is prevention resulting in the protection from these undesirable conditions in our clients’ premises.


Deratization is the process of eliminating rodents (rats, mice, sewer rates etc.) in residential premises and preventing them from entering buildings

  • deratization in premises, technical spaces, underground garages etc.
  • deratization in basement spaces of family houses, apartment builidings etc.
  • deratization in food operations
  • deratization control in open spaces


Disinsectisation includes methods and tools intended for the elimination of inspects and other arthropods

  • Disinsectisation against cockroach-like insects and ants
  • Disinsectisation in food industry
  • Disinsectisation in attic spaces
  • Wood protection against woodworm or dry rot
  • Elimination of flies, mosquitoes, horseflies


Disinfection ensures the permanent elimination of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi

  • In food and catering operations
  • In sanity facilities
  • In healthcare facilities
  • In attic spaces when removing pigeon droppings
  • Disinfection against various types of mould and fungi An optional add-on to our services is pigeon protection preventing birds from sitting down using a net or spike system.