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Municipal and outdoor areas

Correct maintenance of your outdoor space is the first step towards building positive company image.

Our qualified staff equipped with modern machines and professional tools will ensure the best possible presentation of your outdoor area.

As part of the service, we offer mechanical cleaning, spraying and rinsing, including combined work. We clean drains on roads and take care of the safety grills.

We will ensure all specific requirements for municipal cleaning

We manually clean and remove all impurities that cannot be reached by machinery, remove dust, collect rubbish and remove chewing gums.
We also take care of children’s playgrounds and its equipment.
We remove, pick up and dispose of snow, and spread gravel or salt on pavement and roads.

We provide mechanical collection of dog faeces, washing of street furniture (such as bins, benches etc.).

We offer special cleaning of outdoor areas including manual cleaning of walkways and pavement.

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